Meet the backbone of our organization – your local representatives

Washington D.C. (CaBi) Representatives

Jason has been working at Capital Bikeshare since 2011 as a Field Bike Mechanic and Rebalancer and has been head steward since 2016. He enjoys holding management accountable, racking up wins and developing skill with new unionists.

Patrice has been a mechanic at CaBi since February 2018 and hit the ground running as department steward. His quick study and keen eye for injustice elevated him to Vice Chief Steward the following year. Patrice specializes in destroying HR in grievances meetings and clawing back members’ hard earned money.

Heather is the recording secretary keeping track of data, grievances, etc. She comes from several generations of union families and believes in fighting for quality labor standards everywhere. If you spend any time with her you’ll quickly find out she loves collecting and spreading indigenous wild flowers.

New York (CitiBike) Representatives

Ed Aviles is NYC’s and JC’s elected Chief Shop Steward and elected Division Vice Chair of the Private Operations Division for the Transport Workers Union Local 100. Ed has maintained active and loyal to his Union. He continues to hold down the front line with Recording Shop Steward Anthony Farrar.


Anthony Farrar is a dedicated Shop Floor Leader and Activist. He was elected to serve as Recording Steward in April 2019 for the TWU section committee. Since being elected Farrar has been a proactive leader dedicated to 100% membership participation. Farrar continues to fight on the front line when it comes to the rights of his fellow union members, while working closely with Chief shop steward Ed Adviles.

Boston (Blue Bike) Representatives

John has been with Bluebikes before it was Blue. Joining Hubway in 2012 John has seen they system and workplace evolve, a lot. Rebalancing is now like Dr. Stranglove: “how I learned to stop worrying and love the algorithm.”?? He is the lone surviving member of our initial Bargaining Committee and now is the Chief Shop Steward and a Lead Rebalancer. He’s looking forward to the 2020 “Fight for Fifty (%)!” campaign.

Chicago (DIVVY) Representatives