Our Mission

Our goal is to maintain and continually improve the transportation experience of the general public while maintaining good working conditions and fair wages for the hundreds of employees we represent.


How much are dues in the TWU?
Union dues are equal to two times the member’s base hourly rate of pay per month (excluding overtime and shift differential). Union dues are pro-rated for part-time employees.

Where do the dues go?
A total of 70 percent of the dues goes to the local union for the purpose of representing you at all levels with your employer, and to pay the expenses of administering the union such as legal fees, arbitration, research, office clerical expenses, telephones, lost time, etc. The remainder is paid to TWU International to support the local with legal assistance, legislative activities, economic research and more.

A voice on the job and a union contract is still the best line of defense against employers denying you pay and benefits for the work you do.  With the TWU, you get more than a seat at the table and a say in your worklife. Members also get aggressive advocacy on your behalf as well as money-saving programs and benefits

• A robust and active legislative program to protect your rights at the state and national level.

• Active participation at all levels of the AFL-CIO

• 15 college scholarships offered annually.

• Contractual protections including a grievance process and the possibility of final and binding
arbitration if you face disciplinary action.

• Economic research to arm your negotiating committee with the most up-to-date information about the employer.

• TWU retiree association to keep you active in the union areas that interest you!

• A mortgage program to help with a low-rate first mortgage or home equity loan.

• Low interest TWU MasterCard.

Established 2015

On July 16, 2015, with the signing of an historical contract, the workers of New York City Bikeshare LLC chose overwhelmingly to be represented by TWU Local 100.

Soon after, the workers of Washington D.C.’s Capital Bikeshare also enthusiastically chose local 100 to represent them. As bikeshare systems have expanded, and as  employees across the country have begun to see the benefits of strong representation, many other cities soon followed suit.

TWU now represents over 600 bikeshare employees in  cities across the country including Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa Arizona.  

Our People

"A Union is a group of individuals coming together to guarantee the things you care about like decent wages, affordable health care, job security, safe and respectful workplaces, and fair scheduling through collective bargaining."